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Our Mission Statement:
Cummings Lumber Company, Inc. is dedicated to providing the finest quality hardwood products while being responsible to our employees, our customers, our community, and our environment, ensuring our forests are here for future generations.

Our Story
Lee William Cummings moved to Troy, Pennsylvania in 1929 to found L.W. Cummings & Son Lumber Company. Because there was no electricity in Troy at that time, he built his mill close to a road and stream and used steam engines for power. Logs were skidded with horses and lumber was shipped on rail cars. Roy W. Cummings, Sr. joined his father in 1942, Roy W. Cummings Jr. joined his father in 1968 and both continued to expand the business. Today Scott Cummings the founder's great grandson directs the company. The lumber company prospered through the years thanks to their undying commitment to provide customers with Cummings Lumber quality service and a quality product. For four generations, that commitment to quality has become a Cummings family tradition.

Our Beliefs
Sustainable, Certified and Green are three critical words that define an environmental movement and one that stimulates the demand for more eco-sensitive products throughout every industry. Cummings is committed to supporting sustainable forestry, believing it is the key to protecting the environment and natural resources our industry depends upon. 100% of our incoming logs are harvested and processed by people that embrace sustainable, environmentally sound practices. Cummings forestry professionals adhere to federal, state and local regulations regarding timber harvesting and always consider landowner goals as the foundation to every harvest plan. These are long standing relationships that allow us to work together to continually improve those best practices. Good stewardship demands continuous improvement. Through these continued efforts, Cummings is doing its part to be an environmental leader in the community and lumber industry.

Our Capabilities:
-- Saw Mill and Band Resaw
-- 690,000' Dry Kiln Capacity
-- 1,000,000' Dry Storage
-- Planing -- Optimized Ripping
-- Export Packaging
-- Container Loading

Manufacturers of:
-- 4/4 - 8/4 Grade Lumber
-- Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Specializing in:
-- Hard Maple
-- Cherry
-- Soft Maple
-- Red Oak
-- White Oak
-- Ash

3-21-24 is World Wood Day!
Our forests are the lifeblood of Pennsylvania, influencing and enhancing our daily lives in countless ways. Imagine a world without clean water, fresh air, and abundant wildlife. They provide us with refuge, inspiration, and a renewable source of valuable resources like food, paper and world-renowned wood for products such as flooring, furniture, cabinets, and much more. Through science-based management, Penn's Woods will not only endure but flourish, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come. Let's cherish our forests and the vital role that they play in our lives.

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We Manufacture Hardwood Flooring:

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